Guidelines for Hostel Students:

Student at NIS is expected to respect the authority of the teachers, prefects and all school staff. This means that the students will accept and carry out instructions and requests immediately and without answering back. If any student feels that you have he/she has been treated unfairly, they may question an instruction or request after obeying it in a quiet and private manner.

  • The students must be punctual for all events and occasions including PT, sports, Class, assemblies, and meals.
  • The student will only be allowed to keep articles/materials as per the list provided by the School Authority.
  • Keeping mobile phone, cash, jewellery, other valuable items, eatables, electronic equipment, sharp-edged material or anything apart from the list provided by the School Authority is strictly prohibited, if found he/she may be expelled from the hostel and/or from the school. School authority will not be responsible for any loss or theft of any item, which is not allowed to keep in the hostel.
  • Using foul language, indiscipline, act of gross misconduct, violating the instruction of the warden, arrogant and disorderly behaviour, elopement from the Boarding House, beating or teasing co-students, continuous unauthorized absence and non-payment of school dues are certain causes under which the student will immediately be expelled from the Hostel and/or from the school.
  • If any student is receiving medication, the Chief Warden/Medical officer must be informed.
  • Smoking/consumption of alcohol/liquor/drugs/tobacco in any form is strictly prohibited. Any student found under its influence will be rusticated from the school.

Guidelines for Parents:

  • Parents should attend the Parent Teacher Meetings on the dates announced by the school authorities.
  • Parents/ Guardians or any other person will not be allowed to meet the student and teacher during academic hours.
  • Parents are kindly reminded that school gate will be closed at 6 PM and no parent/ Guardian will be allowed to enter the school campus after 6 PM. It will be viewed seriously if anyone forcing their way into the school campus after 6 PM.
  • Parents are allowed to make phone calls to their wards only on Saturdays & Sundays. On the occasion of a birthday, only students can call their parents between 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. with the written permission of the Chief Warden.,
  • Parents can meet their wards only on the last Saturday and Sunday of the month.
  • Parents must call the Principal for any meetings or calls towards other than the above prescribed days and times.