OXFAM YLAC Equality Club at Nitte International School


OXFAM is a global NGO that works to create an equal and just society by empowering the underprivileged.OXFAM India works primarily through grass roots organizations to bring deep-rooted sustainable changes in people’s lives. They work for the poorest and socially excluded communities by mobilizing them to campaign for greater economic and social reforms.

About YLAC (Young Leaders for Active Citizenship)

YLAC is an organization founded by Harvard and Oxford alumni, that works to strengthen our country’s democracy through increased citizen engagement.

YLAC’s interventions are designed to equip citizens with a better understanding of the society they live in and the challenges that it confronts.

Report on Oxfam YLAC Equality Club Campaign at Dr NSAM PU College, Bangalore

The Advocacy Campaign session of the Quarter 2 Economic Equality was conducted yesterday at Dr.Nitte Shankara Adyanthaya Memorial P.U. College, Bangalore.

Date: 12/11/19

Duration: 90 minutes

The first advocacy campaign outside the school was successfully organised with great zeal by the club members. Shashank & Meet Patel delivered a speech about the club. Students staged a skit on economic inequality in society. Another performance was a Live TV talk show which showcased the inequalities prevailing in the Health Sector in the country. Videos on economic inequality were presented followed by a Rap song. A mannequin challenge was a quick activity for the audience.

Glimpses of pinning badges by our principal to champions of the ‘Oxfam Equality Quarter One’ activity.

Report on Inequalities in Health & Education

The Second session of the Quarter 2 Economic Equality was conducted.

Date: 04/11/19

Activity type: Brainstorming and creating a Radio Advert

Topic : Radio Spot-Advocating for an equal world

Duration : 90 minutes

The club members were divided into 4 groups. The sample audios were played for the club members. The students after listening to the radio advert, had a brainstorming session amongst their groups. Each team deviced their own ways of creating a radio advertisement. The students were very excited to engage in this activity. Each team presented their adverts. Two teams created advert supporting Equality in Health and the other two groups favored Education.

Report on Inequalities in Health & Education

The First session of the Quarter 2 Economic Equality was conducted today

Date: 31/10/19

Activity type: General Discussion and Presentation

Topic : Inequalities in Health & Education

Duration : 60 minutes

The club members were divided into 2 groups. The concept was explained to the club members. Each group was given handouts on two different case study to read and discuss amongst their group.

Post reading, videos were shown on each Oxfam case study. The originality of the situation made the club members engrossed in it. The purpose of the activity to make the members aware of the gaps that exist in the provision of education and healthcare in the country was met.

An inhouse campaign on Gender Equality was conducted in the school assembly for classes VI to XII

A skit and a song composed by the club members was performed. Speeches were also delivered on the topic Gender Equality to sensitize the students.

Report on Work Together Live Together

The fifth session of the Quarter 1 Gender Equality was conducted on 25/09/19

Activity type: General Discussion and Presentation

Topic : Work Together Live Together

Duration : 60 minutes

The club members were divided into 4 groups. The concept was explained to the club members. Each group was given a handout to read and discuss amongst their group. One member from each team gave a presentation and shared their views. The students engaged in the the GD and expressed their genuine opinions.

Glimpses and winners list of ‘Poster Making’ competition held by Oxfam YLAC Club

Winners from 7th to 12th category

  • I Shambhavi Bharadwaj – X A
  • II Rakshitha BJ – XI Science
  • III Vishesh S K – VII B

Winners of the 4th 5th 6th category

  • I Prize Surya Naidu R – VB
  • II Prize Varunika R – VA
  • III Prize Varsha U Reddy – VA

QUARTER I Gender Equality – Activity 5

Date: 3/9/19

Activity type : Poster Making Competition

Topic : 4th to 6th – Exchange the roles of parents in the family
7th to 12th – Gender Equality

A poster making competition was organised by the Oxfam YLAC Equality Club NIS for classes 4th to 12th on 3/9/19. There was an extraordinary participation for the competition. From classes 6th to 12th there were about 100 students who participated. Even classes 4 and 5 witnessed a great participation with 70 entries.

QUARTER I Gender Equality – Activity 4

Date: 03/09/19

Activity type : Quiz

Topic : Women’s Political Participation

Duration : 45 Minutes

The club members were divided into 2 groups. The were a set of questions from three different areas – voting, political leadership & political participation of women. The students could answer majority of the questions. The club members found it informative.

QUARTER I Gender Equality – Activity 3

Date: 29/8/19

Activity type : Brainstorming & Planning strategy for campaigns

Topic : Advocacy Campaign

Duration : 1 hour

The club members were given an insight about different types of campaigns and videos were shown. Students were divided into 4 groups. Discussion was followed by a brainstorming session and students arrived at their own strategy on campaigning.

The best ideas will be be chosen and the campaigning will be staged by a selected core group.

QUARTER I Gender Equality – Activity 2

The second activity of the Quarter 1 Gender Equality was conducted on 20/08/2019

Activity type: Debate

Topic : Women’s Reservation Bill

Duration : 1 hour

The club members were divided into two group and each team spoke for and against the given topic. The debate was very lively with heated arguments. A few other related topics like girls education, minority reservation and dummy candidates were commented about. Most of the points given in the handouts were already covered in the first half of the debate. Second half was the summing up session.

QUARTER I Gender Equality – Activity 1

Topic : Gender Stereotype

Duration : 30 mins

Date: 24/07/19

The activity 1 was conducted today to identify the various ways in which gender norms are enforced in society. The club members enthusiastically participated in the short activity and shared their views on the topic. The videos on the historical evolution of colour differentiation for girls (pink) and boys (blue) was very exciting for the students. Age old practices to current issues of the gender stereotypes were under the scope of discussion. The club members are geared up for making a “change” in society.

OXFAM launch at Nitte International School

The Equality Club of Oxfam and YLAC was inaugurated at NIS on 8th July 2019. The inaugural ceremony was held at the school auditorium by lighting the lamp.

Ms. AparajithaBharathi, Co-founder YLAC and Ms. MallikaTatavarty, Regional Head –South Partnership Development at OXFAM India were the guests for the day.

Mr. RohitPunja, Administrator NITTE Education Trust presided over the function.
He expressed the need of such clubs and the active participation of students is very important to bring the positive change in the society.

Ms. Sandhya Singh, Principal NIS motivated and encouraged the students to join the club.
The “Equality Club” is started at NIS to create an awareness among the students about Gender disparity, Income inequality and social inequality prevailing in the society.

The club constitutes of 40 members with equal number of girls and boys.
Ms. Reshma KV has been nominated as the Coordinator for the Oxfam Club.

Ms. AparajithaBharathi , Ms. MallikaTatavarty& Mr. RohitPunja addressed the students and sensitized them about the social issues and the contribution of students to bring a just social order.

The inaugural ceremony was followed by a presentation on Oxfam.

Activities for students were organized which witnessed enthusiastic participation from the club members.
Badges were pinned to the members at the function.

NIS is proud to be associated in the pilot project of Oxfam which is launched in only is 6 cities in India.