Activities @ Nitte International School 2020-2021

Celebrated the festival of MAKAR SANKRANTI

We at NITTE International School celebrated the festival of MAKAR SANKRANTI on January 14th, 2021 .
The students participated enthusiastically in events such as kite making and rangoli making.

Christmas celebration at NITTE International School

We at NITTE International School celebrated Christmas by organizing events for the students such as “CARD MAKING” and “CAROL SINGING”.

It was a truly exciting experience and the students participated with maximum enthusiasm.

Human Rights Day 2020

Human Rights Day is an endeavour to make every person aware of their rights and ensure that each one prospers with equal opportunity.

Nitte International school celebrated “Human Rights Day” on the 10thofDecember 2020 with drawing, painting activities and speech on the topic.

Human rightsare the unquestionable,fundamental, and basic rights of a human being, regardless of their age, race, origin, place,linguistic bearings, faith, culture, or any other status.

The Constitution day

Date: 26th November 2020
Venue: virtual

Nitte international school celebrated the ‘Constitution day’ observed on the 26th of November 1949.

This was the historic day when the preamble of the Indian constitution was first proposed and presented by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in the assembly.

It was preliminary introduction of the ‘Constitution of India’ which sets the guidelines and principles of the constitution to guide the citizens of India.
The ‘Father of the constitution’ was conferred on Dr B.R Ambedkar and the authorship was primarily attributed to Pt.Nehru. The constitution of India came into effect on the 26th of January, 1950 which is celebrated now as Republic day.

The students recited the preamble of the constitution with their teachers to honour this momentous day.

The older children demonstrated their creativity with innovative placards and drawings in remembrance of the day.

Vegetative Reproduction of Sweet Potatoes

Manu Ramesh Murthy of class 5C had initiated an interesting EVS activity on ‘Vegetative Reproduction’ from the cosy garden balcony of his house in the month of July.

A systematic process was undertaken to reproduce Sweet potatoes from immersing it in water to bring about germination and planting it in a pot. Our amateur farmer has been patiently tending it in the past couple of months to finally harvest his first yield of Sweet Potatoes!!

Diwali 2020

We at NITTE International School celebrated the festival of Diwali on 14th November2020 through virtual platform.

All the student and teachers showed their enthusiasm and actively participated in all the event organized by the institution, The students engrossed themselves in acclivities like Diya
decoration, Toran making & Rangoli art.

Nitte International School celebrated Children’s Day

Nitte International School celebrated Children’s Day Virtually on 13 November, to commemorate the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. To make this virtual event a memorable one for the students, the teachers of NIS hosted a cultural program. Various entertaining, exciting and engaging programs included A puppet show, dance performances by the teachers, solo songs and various fun games for the students of Pre primary to Senior Secondary section. The teachers of Hindi and Kannada read out a beautiful poem highlighting the innocence of childhood. The highlight of the program was the Skit enacted by the Senior Secondary teachers in which the teachers imitated students’ behavior in online classes. The program aimed to celebrate the spirit of childhood in a fun filled and stress free environment.

The principal Ms Rani Sebastian narrated inspirational stories to motivate the students on this special day.



DATE: 26th October 2020
VENUE: Virtual

The spirit of Dussehra embodies and symbolises the maxim – the ultimate victory of Good over evil. NIS welcomes Dussehra festivities in 2020 in an artistic and ingenious way.

The school involved the students in a multitude of activities to imbibe the true spirit of the festival. The younger ones were immersed in colouring images portraying the theme, while the older ones were trying their hand at creating masks of iconic characters from the Ramayana.

All the students had a splendid time in partaking in the events of the festival.


EVENT: Day of charity
DATE: 22/10/2020

We have always believed in the adage – ‘Charity begins at home!

NIS had received a good collection of clothes, books, toys as generous tokens of charity from parents displayed in the ‘Wall of Kindness’ during the recent ‘Blood donation camp’.

NIS had its teaching faculty on a field visit to a couple of charitable trusts and shelter homes to engage in a day of humanitarian services. It could not have happened at a more opportune time than during this pandemic. The faculty of NIS visited the ‘Christ King Convent – an orphanage to make its collective donation.

Vidya Gokula Charitable Trust (Shelter home for destitute children) at Doddaballapur road, was another place where the staff had visited to offer their collective contribution accumulated by the school.

It was an indescribable experience of spirituality and contentment for the faculty to participate in this event on behalf of the school.

Postal day

Event: Postal day
Date: 9th October 2020

The National Postal Day of India is celebrated on 10th October every year to commemorate the role played by the Indian postal department. It is a wonderful occasion to pay tribute to the many postal workers on the field and in post offices and all those involved in delivering information and essential items through speed post services.

The World postal day is celebrated on 9th October 2020 is celebrated on 9th October every year in remembrance of the establishment of Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland.

Even though, the Generation-next, the present and old have got into the trend of instant-messaging and emails to keep in touch with each other. There are certain things which need the postal services even to this day. The important documents which gets delivered to us still reach us by post.

The Primary students of NIS from class I to V were asked to write a letter to their dearest friend residing in another place and stick the document in their scrapbook. We want the young learners of today to experience the joy of writing letters by hand when everyone else is in a hurry to get their messages across in an


EVENT: Gandhi Jayanthi

DATE: 2ndOctober 2020

The birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been celebrated in India as Gandhi Jayanthi in honour of the extraordinary personality who was instrumental in realising the dream of free India.

The United Nations General assembly hadthis day declared as the ‘International day of Non-Violence’ in 2007 to celebrate MahatmaGandhi as he is popularly known. He is remembered for his huge contributions towards India’s Independence movement, and his philosophies towards life. His philosophies always have impacted people’s lives in a great way.

His quotes inspire youth even today. His idea of non-violence has taught everyone that even in a gentle way, one can shake the world.

The Primary students of NIS from class I -II were given an activity to make a drawing on the theme ‘Swachh Bharat’ to be pasted in the scrapbook as advocated by Mahatma Gandhi and the present Prime Minister of India. The students from classes III to V were given an activity of poster making on the same theme to commemorate the day. All the participating students were asked to upload the images to the google drive given by the teacher.

NITTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL organised a Blood Donation Camp


NITTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL organised a Blood Donation Camp on 26th September 2020 in Collaboration with Rotary Bangalore, Vidyaranyapura. Many Parents, Staff members and others volunteered in this camp and donated their blood to serve the Community.

*All norms related to COVID-19 were adhered to. A Donor Certificate was provided to each Volunteer who donated Blood”.

Hrithik our Student from NIS of grade 12 cleared stage 1 Screening…

Hrithik our Student from NIS of grade 12 cleared stage 1 Screening…where he had to qualify at three levels. Now he has moved into the second stage. Hrithik has made our School proud. Let’s wish the best for him in the next stage.

Audio book narration

International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on 8th September to highlight the importance of literacy for individual and communities around the world as well as the need of augmented efforts towards more literate societies. The basic form of literacy is being able to read and write. Reading helps in the development of skills like creative and analytical thinking . It also promotes literacy and is a simple way to keep students’ minds stimulated and focused. Recognising the importance of reading and to mark the occasion of International Literacy Day , CBSE announces celebration of reading week from 8th September to 14th September 2020. Nitte International school has taken up few suggestive activities from CBSE to celebrate the reading week and promote reading habits among students. The concept of literacy was elaborated among students through the activities like audio story out of a novel, reading games/puzzles/riddles etc.

Literacy is not an end but is a means to most other learning and social and economic empowerment.

Cards designed by students for teachers on the occasion of Teachers day

Greeting Cards by Students to Teachers

A handwritten note from a student is always a lovely gesture. The genuine sentiments with memorable writings summarizes our students’ love and respect towards their teacher.

These small token of love and the lovely gesture of gratitude touched the hearts of our teachers.

Cute little Radha and Krishna observing the festival of JANMASHTAMI soaked in fervour of devotion, enthusiasm and spirituality

National Library Day

National Library Day is celebrated in India on 12th of August Every year in memory of Birthday of Mr. S.R. Ranganathan, the man who gave a lot in Library and Information Science field.

Flipped Learning Model of Pre Primary


Event: Janmashtami celebrations

Date: 11.08.2020

The festival of Janmashtami is one of the important festivals of the Hindus and is celebrated with traditional fanfare in India. It recalls the image of mischievous and playful Krishna eating dollops of curds and butter with his tiny hands. It is a beautiful sight to see it recreated with small children dressed up as little Krishna on the eve of the festival.

The primary students of class I and II celebrated the festival sending images of them dressed as beautiful Krishna. The classes of III to V sent images of lovely crowns of Krishna, created with glistening decorative materials.

Debattle 2020 : Congratulations to the stupendous performance by NITTE International School students

Two Students of Nitte International School, Subhiksha M and Shashank C Panthangi, participated in the debate competition, “DEBATTLE 2020” organized by National Public School, Yeshwanthpur on August 7, 2020. Both the students performed extremely well and Shashank C Panthangi made the school proud by qualifying to the final rounds and securing a place among the top ten participants at the competition. Below is a brief report of his experiences at the competition.

My experiences in NPS “Debattle 2020”

Hello, I’m Shashank C Panthangi of Class 12. I would like to share my experiences at the NPS debate competition “DEBATTLE 2020”.
Given this year’s Covid-19 situation, I was a bit apprehensive about attending a debate competition. Moreover, my previous experience was limited to other research based public speaking competitions like Model UN’s. However, I believed that my critical thinking skills which have been refined by attending other public speaking competitions would hold me in good stead in a debate competition as well.

The debate involved a preliminary round and a final round – 28 participants competed in the preliminary rounds and 10 debaters qualified to the final round. The topic for the preliminary rounds was given on the spot and the participants were given 10 minutes to speak both ‘for’ and ‘against’ the topic. This format of making the speakers provide viewpoints on both ‘for’ and ‘against’ is called ‘Turncoat’. In this format, the speaker may be required to argue from the opposing side at any point at the adjudicator’s call.

My topic for the preliminary rounds was “Money spent on space exploration can be used better to reduce poverty on earth”. I was able to confidently make sound arguments on this this topic as I am interested in astrophysics and have extensive knowledge of the subject. This was evident to the judges as well as I was among the top 10 participants who made it to the final rounds.

For the finals, I spoke for the argument “Destiny is crutch exploited by the beneficiaries of charity, whereas industrious believe in free will”. This topic was very polarising and invited many different viewpoints. All the speakers in the finals had impressive analytical thinking and oratory skills. However, in my opinion, the speakers who were able to streamline their thoughts and present legitimate facts to support their arguments won the tournament. While I believe that I performed quite well overall, my emphasis on the factual aspects could have been better and it ultimately led to me losing points to the winners.

I must acknowledge that despite the difficulties attending the organization of an event in the present situation of social distancing norms, NPS Yeswanthpur managed to conduct the debate competition smoothly on an online forum with great planning and preparation. Further, I would like to thank the Principal, Mrs. Rani Sebastian Principal and my English teacher, Mrs. Suman Chandna for giving me this opportunity to improve my public speaking skills and increase my confidence through this competition. I look forward to many such opportunities in the future.

Shashank Chandrashekar Panthangi, Class 12


NIS is pleased to organise the following co-curricular activity as part of ‘ WORLD NATURE CONSERVATION DAY’ which will be celebrated on 28-07-20.
We encourage all our students to actively participate to showcase their talent and concern towards environment.

TOPIC – Any one natural resource you would want to save.

ACTIVITY : Write on what, why and how you can save any one natural resource in an A4 sheet. Decorate it and stick in the SCRAP BOOK.

NOTE : Click clear photo of the activity done and submit to your respective class teacher by 27-07-2020.

Arti Singh
Activity incharge

Today on the Occasion of Vijay Diwas, NITTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL takes this opportunity to pay tribute to all those brave souls who sacrificed their TODAY for our TOMORROW.

A Salute to the Real Hero
Lt Col Ajit Bhandarkar


NIS welcomed its students to participate in a multitude of online competitions to unleash their inherent creative talents , as the brochure rightly states – ‘Creativity has no barriers’.

We have all been stuck in a monotonous lockdown situation within our homes for over three months. NIS decided to give its students a reason to break the boredom and the opportunity to stir up their imagination and creative genius. The students from class I to X came forward to display their inherent talents in painting, singing and essay writing competitions on the theme of Covid-19 pandemic.

The paintings by the winners were exquisite and were done with finesse. Let us have a glance at the Prize Winners of the painting competition from class I to X.

Topic for class I to V: Social distancing and hygiene to prevent spread of Corona virus pandemic.


Topic for class VI to XII: Covid 19 – Impact on environment.


Here, we present the writers of tomorrow! Let us have a look at the winners of the essay writing competitions.

Topic for class V to VIII: Post quarantine things you want to do.

Topic for class IX to XII: I Impact of positive thinking during crisis.



The students participated in the singing competition on the topic: ‘Save the earth’ exhibiting their lyrical abilities.


KAUSTUB GIRISH – CLASS IV (A melodious piece by Kaustub Girish of class IV)

A copy of a comic in circulation, educating young children about the Corona Virus.

Click Here – Corona Comic PGI

Activities @ Nitte International School 2019-2020

Women’s Day Celebrarion

Glimpses of celebrations of ‘Women’s day’ at NIS. Senior students gave speeches elaborating on the purpose of celebrating the day.

A student from class II gave an extraordinary performance reciting a poem on circumstances faced by women in our society

Social Science activity

Topic : Industry

Title : Miniature Models

Class : VII

Students were asked to prepare miniature models based on Industries and their products. Students were also asked to explain their creation.

Glimpses of the celebrations of ‘Makar Sankranti’ festival by the primary students of NIS

The festivities began with sharing many varieties of mouth watering traditional sweets by the students of class I-III.

Class IV & V participated in the ‘Kite flying’ activity displaying enthusiasm and expressions of sheer delight.

The ambience was vibrant and colourful with fluttering kites in the playground.

Christmas & New Year Celebration

Cook Without Fire Competition

Glimpses of the December monthly competition conducted in the primary classes. The little students of Class I & II made cute photo frames on the theme of Christmas whereas the students class III enthusiastically participated in ‘Cook without fire’ competition exhibiting a delicious fare.
The students of IV & V had a real test of memory skills, which required them to recall the tiniest details.

Musical Drama

The students of class VII and VIII presented a musical drama on ‘Ganga ki Uttpatti’ to showcase the important places of Uttarakhand state under ‘ Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat’ program initiated by CBSE.

Mathematics day

Glimpses of the ‘Mathematics day’ that was celebrated in NIS with lot of enthusiasm. The students invested a lot of effort to observe the day with some interesting speeches & extraordinary performances to accentuate the importance and significance of Mathematics in our daily lives.

Christmas Celebration

Soaking in the spirit of Christmas the students of Nitte International School celebrated the festival with joy and love. The significance of the festival was explained to the students by a Senior Secondary teacher Ms Megan D’Souza. The students sang melodious carols and exhibited their talent through songs and various dance performances which added to the festive atmosphere. An English skit was also enacted by primary students highlighting the spirit of Christmas. The children spread cheer with their smiles and colourful lovely attire.

Glimpses of the first session of Parent Forum

A ‘ Parent Forum’ has been initiated at NIS to invite the parents as guest speakers. The Forum will provide an opportunity for parents’ active involvement in fostering a culture of ownership and participation and to improve working relationship between the school and parents.


Glimpses of the workshop by our Parent guest speaker Mrs. Mamtha on the importance of dental care. Mrs Mamtha is a dentist & the parent of two of our students. She conducted an extensive and detailed presentation on dental hygiene, types of teeth, uses and the treatment of cavities from simple fillings to surgery. The students had an interactive session with her which clarified all their queries about dental problems.

Glimpses of the workshop conducted by the Parent guest speaker Mr. Jijoy who elaborated on the virtues of listening to the students of class IV. He had an engaging and interactive session with the young students and answered all their inquisitive queries.

Glimpses of the workshop for grade 11 students by Mr Jijoy Cheeran K, Senior Manager and a trainer in a leading MNC. The workshop provided awareness to students about why and how anger happens and how it can influence and alter perception. The students were taught how to recognise triggers and react to them before they take control. The techniques for handling frustration and anger were also elaborated by Mr Jijoy. He also suggested a plan for continuous self development. It was a very informative and effective workshop for the students. Principal Mrs Sandhya Singh also addressed the students and explained the difference between healthy and unhealthy reactions to anger.


NIS Sports Tournament

Glimpses of the ‘NIS Sports Tournament’ held for ‘Parents and their tiny tots’ from the Preprimary on 7th December 2019.

The little sports players of Preschool had a fantastic time competing with their peers on the field.

The Parents of the little ones made the best use of the opportunity to relive their childhood days participating in the various sports events.

Bhagavad Gita shloka competition

The annual Bhagavad Gita shloka competition conducted by the National Institute Of Value Education (NIVE) was conducted on the 6th of December. Students from grade 2 to 10 participated very enthusiastically and rendered a very beautiful chanting of the Bhagavad Gita shlokas.

State Level Taekwo-Do Championship

19th Karnataka state level Taekwo-Do Championship was conducted at Koramangala indoor stadium from 30th November to 2nd December 2019. Our students won 15 gold & 1 bronze medal.

Children’s Day celebration

Nitte International School celebrated November 14,2019 Children’s Day which marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru with enthusiasm and great zeal. The teachers of NIS dressed up as students, took charge of the assembly to make the day unforgettable for the students. The celebrations began with the teachers reciting the school prayer. The highlight of the assembly was the scintillating dance performances by the teachers. The teachers showcased their talents by reciting poetry, singing songs and dancing on the peppy songs which also made the students to groove in. The students were in awe to see their teachers in the Avataar of kids. The school principal and head mistress wished all the students Happy Children’s Day and blessed them.

It was a fun filled day for the students which would always be cherished as a fond memory. The day culminated with distribution of sweets to the children.

Goloka Shades competition

ISKCON, Bangalore conducted its annual ‘Goloka Shades’ competition, which comprised of various contests such as colouring, pencil shading, painting, handwriting and essay writing across grades 1 to 10 on 3rd December 2019. More than 350 students participated and made the event a grand success.

Yoga Postures and Exercises by our Yoga Teacher Ms Rajeshwari

Students of class X were taught a few basic yoga postures and exercises by our trained Yoga teacher Ms Rajeshwari to combat the exam stress. If students practice some yoga during exams, it can help in making their preparation time easier and stress-free. Students were informed that Yoga also reduces the fluctuations of the mind and flushes out the emotional clutter in the head and helps to concentrate better. The students were engaged in an hour long session with the Yoga teacher.

Debate Competition

A debate competition on the topic ‘ Our large population is not a cause but an asset-a resource ‘ and ‘ Are old age homes necessary in India’ was held in Senior Secondary Section to hone the public speaking skills of the students and teach them to be articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions. The participants speaking for both ‘for’ and ‘against ‘the motion debated enthusiastically. The highlight of the event was the question answer round, as a volley of questions were answered confidently by both the sides, inviting counter questions which were answered emphatically.

Glimpses of Kannada Rajyotsava celebration

Sports Day

Glimpses of the ‘Sports Day’ conducted for primary classes of NIS. Students from Classes I to V enthusiastically participated in finals of sporting events held on 7th November 2019 & others displayed true sportsmanship cheering out to their choicest peers.


National Institute of Value Education, along with NitteInternational School had organised a workshop for parents of primary grades’ students on “Emotions and Emotional Intelligence” on November 2, 2019.

The Guest speaker, Ms. Rajeshwari Nagprasad, Director- Aajna Counselling and Training, enlightened the audience with some very important aspects of parenting with reference to Emotional Intelligence. The workshop was very interactive and the insights shared were much appreciated by the parents and teachers present.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy conducts a free inter-school program called LEARNSTORM that helps students gain skills, foster growth mindsets and build teamwork. We have enrolled grades 7,8 and 9 students for the same program. Students complete different levels by finishing maximum possible assignments. Students are enthusiastically participating and they are eligible to win a LEARNSTORM CELEBRATION BOX from Khan Academy. Shriram R Maiya of class 7 is awarded a certificate from Khan academy for his good performance.

Glimpses of Diya making competition held for Class 1 and 2

Glimpses of the Wallhanging competition held for Class 3

Glimpses of the recently conducted ISCON visit for students of Class 4 and 5

Glimpses of the activity done by the little ones of Pre-primary about uses of water. It made them learn the importance of our natural resources

The kids from Ukg penned a few lines about the ‘Sun’ wheres Lkg drew numbers over the image of a ‘Yellow corn ‘and kids from Nursery did an activity with a ‘crown’

Glimpses of the field trip taken by the little ones of the Pre primary. It fulfilled its promise of being an enjoyable day for students

Teachers’ Day Celebration

NIS celebrated ‘Teachers’ Day’ with lot of zeal and zest on September 5th 2019.The school atmosphere was vibrant with contagious excitement. A special morning assembly was held in which the students paid tribute to their teachers through poems and speeches.They extolled the role of teachers in a student’s life.

On this occasion the students also presented a cultural program comprising of skits, dances, group songs and solo songs with musical band in attendance. The highlight of the program was a solo song by ‘Lekha’ of class XII who is a talented singer and has sung few songs in ‘Kannada movies’ as a playback singer. Another student ‘Harshitha’ of class XII who has participated in ‘TV Reality Shows’ thrilled the students with a scintillating dance performance. The teachers appreciated the effort put in by the students to make this day a memorable one.

Yoga session at NIS

The students of Nitte International School celebrated ‘Janamasthami’ with great fun and gaiety

A cultural program comprising Bhajans, Geeta recitations was presented by the students of class Xth. The students of class VI and VII enacted a play highlighting the essential teachings of Lord Krishna imparted to the warrior Arjuna in the battlefield. A mesmerising classical dance depicting ‘Krishna Leela’ was also performed by the students of class V. The program concluded with distribution of sweets.

Middle section ‘Slogan Writing’ competition on the topic ‘Save Wild Life’

EVS activity – Make Any Picture Using Flowers & Leaves held for Class II

Best Out of Waste competition held for Class III

competition held for Class IV

Collage Making competition held for Class I & II

The Investiture ceremony of NITTE International School

The Investiture ceremony of NITTE International School was conducted with great enthusiasm and high degree of earnestness. The newly elected council members were conferred with badges and sashes by the Principal. The student council pledged to uphold the values of loyalty, truth and honour. Donning the mantle of accountability the newly invested office bearers promised to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities. The function concluded with national anthem.

Independence Day Celebration

NITTE International School celebrated 73 rd Independence Day with great fervour. The flag was hoisted by the Principal Ms. Sandhya Singh. A spectacular NCC parade was the highlight of the day. The students of NIS presented a small cultural program which included few speeches, mass drill, street play, dance performance, group song and a role play.

Visit to ‘Milk Farm’ at Kakkehalli (Marasandra)

The NIS students of class IV & V had a field trip to a ‘Milk Farm’ at Kakkehalli (Marasandra) on the 5th & 6th of August 2019.

It was a learning experience for the students wherein they had the opportunity to understand the entire process of quality check of milk and distribution.

The students were taken on an onsite visit to see cultivation of vegetables and observe farm animals in their natural habitat.

The Speech Activity performed by LKG and UKG kids

The speech activity performed by the tiny tots of LKG and UKG. LKG kids spoke about ” Favourite Fruit” whereas UKG kids spoke about “Myself”.

‘World Conservation Day’ slogan writing competition was held in the middle section on the topic ‘Save Wild Life’

Kargil Day @ Nitte International School

Kargil Day was celebrated at NIS on 26.7.2019. A special assembly was held on this occasion to pay tribute to our brave soldiers. A cultural program was also organized.

International Yoga Day @ Nitte

International School

NITTE International School celebrated

International yoga day on 21st June 2019 with great enthusiasm with this year’s theme “CLIMATE ACTION”.

THIS was a great oppurtunity to imbibe the value of descipline among children. The students were taught

that by changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness we can deal with climate change.

Children got the chance to know how Yoga

embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and

nature; a holistic approach to health and well being.

Few students of classes VI to XII performed

different Yoga postures like ‘Trikonasana’, ‘Veerbhadrasana’, ‘Chakrasna’, ‘Suryasna’, ‘Amritasna’,

‘Upavistakonansana’, ‘Hanumanasana’, ‘Parshva Natrajasna’, etc.

Aparna a student of XI Performed 50 asanas

which was greatly applauded by everyone

Aparna is National Champion of Yoga and is

the recipient of ‘Yoga Arjuna Award’ and ‘Yoga Shilpa Award’. She is ranked at 2nd place at National

level. She has been selected to represent India at ‘International meet on Yoga Championship in Singapore’

in the year 2019.

Heartfelt thanks to our Prime Minister, Mr.

Narendra Modi for giving an opportunity for schools to celebrate the International Yoga Day. The school

is also thankful to CBSE for introducing Yoga as a part of the syllabus.

World Environment Day @ Nitte

International School

NITTE International School celebrated World

Environment Day on 6 June 2019 with great zeal in the school premises. The program was inaugurated by

principal Ms Sandhya Singh.

A special assembly was organised to

celebrate the day. NCC cadet Ms Vindhya exhorted the students to work collectively for the protection of

Earth and emphasised the need to build a greener world. Nandana of class xii also delivered a speech on

environmental sustainability.

Various activities such as planting

saplings and poster making competition on the theme ‘Save the Planet ‘ were held. The objective of

celebrating Environment Day was to make younger generation more sensitive towards Environment

protection.It is an opportunity to raise awareness and promote action on national environmental


Activities @ Nitte International School


Co-curricular activities

The co-curricular activities include

seminars extempore debate, speech, science exhibitions, quiz, field trip projects etc.,

The election for Student Council


Elections for Student Council Committee for

the academic year 2017-2018 were held on14th of July 2017. There was an active participation of all

teachers and students from class VI to XII in electing their council members.

Introductory Session by Happylandings

India Team

With the vision to give wings to never-

ending dreams of man to transcend beyond boundaries and even earth, Pradeep Vijay and Leo Peter Charle

from Happylandings India team conducted an introductory session on aeromodelling on 20th of July, 2017 in

the Nitte international school premises. They demonstrated pre-modeled flights at the football ground.

The one day workshop on the same will be held in the first week of August which will train students to

build their own models and guide them for an aeronautical career.

Awareness on Puberty

There is no doubt that one of the most

noticeable stages of the human development and growth is puberty. Girls have several changes when they

start their stage of puberty. What is the meaning of puberty? What are the changes that happen within

girls? And how can puberty be defined? Well, all these questions and more will be answered in the

awareness program conducted in Nitte International School in the 5th week of July.

Taekwon-Do Selections

Selection trails of students for 14th South

& West Zonal Taekwon-Do ITF Championship-2017 will be held on August 6th, 2017(Sunday).

Venue: Sri Sharada

Vidyalaya School, Amruthnagar, Near Amruthnagar, Near Amruthnagar police station, behind Green Country

Public School, Bengaluru-560092.

Timings: Morning 6.00. Am

(Reporting) (Yellow, Green stripe)
Morning 9.00. Am (Reporting) (Greenbelt to Black belt)

A celebration of International Yoga


Yoga is beyond any religion. On occasion of

the third International day of yoga, June 21 Miss Rajeshwari, Yoga instructor demonstrated several yogic

postures for students in the assembly. There was a active participation of students in the event. NIS

took initiative to include yoga in regular school time to benefit yoga students.



NIS strongly believes and promotes the idea

of the holistic development of its students. It is our endeavour to ensure that each student not only

excels in academics but also in other areas. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In the light of

the same, we have planned the curriculum with the number of activities, filled with fun and frolic. We

are sure that this would make the process of learning much more interesting.

In general, every student will be a part of

all the routine extracurricular activities. However, to explore the hidden talent of each student and to

refine it to perfection. NIS has planned the following activities during the current session.

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Instrumental (Guitar, Keyboard)
  • Art/Craft

Parents are requested to select one of the

above activities for their wards. They are keeping in mind that the interest of the child be given utmost

priority while doing so. The professionals for each hobby visit the school on particular days and train

the students for the same.