Mandeep Class xi student reached the Finals of the first AITA Tournament

Mandeep reached the Finals of the first AITA Tournament that happened in Bangalore after the lockdown. It was conducted by KARNATAKA STATE LAWN TENNIS ACADEMY, Under-16 runner up

Hrithik our Student from NIS of grade 12 cleared stage 1 Screening…

Hrithik our Student from NIS of grade 12 cleared stage 1 Screening…where he had to qualify at three levels. Now he has moved into the second stage. Hrithik has made our School proud. Let’s wish the best for him in the next stage.

Debattle 2020 : Congratulations to the stupendous performance by NITTE International School students

Two Students of Nitte International School, Subhiksha M and Shashank C Panthangi, participated in the debate competition, “DEBATTLE 2020” organized by National Public School, Yeshwanthpur on August 7, 2020. Both the students performed extremely well and Shashank C Panthangi made the school proud by qualifying to the final rounds and securing a place among the top ten participants at the competition. Below is a brief report of his experiences at the competition.

My experiences in NPS “Debattle 2020”

Hello, I’m Shashank C Panthangi of Class 12. I would like to share my experiences at the NPS debate competition “DEBATTLE 2020”.
Given this year’s Covid-19 situation, I was a bit apprehensive about attending a debate competition. Moreover, my previous experience was limited to other research based public speaking competitions like Model UN’s. However, I believed that my critical thinking skills which have been refined by attending other public speaking competitions would hold me in good stead in a debate competition as well.

The debate involved a preliminary round and a final round – 28 participants competed in the preliminary rounds and 10 debaters qualified to the final round. The topic for the preliminary rounds was given on the spot and the participants were given 10 minutes to speak both ‘for’ and ‘against’ the topic. This format of making the speakers provide viewpoints on both ‘for’ and ‘against’ is called ‘Turncoat’. In this format, the speaker may be required to argue from the opposing side at any point at the adjudicator’s call.

My topic for the preliminary rounds was “Money spent on space exploration can be used better to reduce poverty on earth”. I was able to confidently make sound arguments on this this topic as I am interested in astrophysics and have extensive knowledge of the subject. This was evident to the judges as well as I was among the top 10 participants who made it to the final rounds.

For the finals, I spoke for the argument “Destiny is crutch exploited by the beneficiaries of charity, whereas industrious believe in free will”. This topic was very polarising and invited many different viewpoints. All the speakers in the finals had impressive analytical thinking and oratory skills. However, in my opinion, the speakers who were able to streamline their thoughts and present legitimate facts to support their arguments won the tournament. While I believe that I performed quite well overall, my emphasis on the factual aspects could have been better and it ultimately led to me losing points to the winners.

I must acknowledge that despite the difficulties attending the organization of an event in the present situation of social distancing norms, NPS Yeswanthpur managed to conduct the debate competition smoothly on an online forum with great planning and preparation. Further, I would like to thank the Principal, Mrs. Rani Sebastian Principal and my English teacher, Mrs. Suman Chandna for giving me this opportunity to improve my public speaking skills and increase my confidence through this competition. I look forward to many such opportunities in the future.

Shashank Chandrashekar Panthangi, Class 12